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5 Types Of Ecommerce Product Photography Which A Business Should Not Ignore

ecommerce product photography | Best Product photography in Udaipur

There are almost 5 types of ecommerce product photography. E-commerce product photography is the branch of product photography. There are almost 5 types of e commerce product photography done to showcase your product high quality photos on e commerce website such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra and many more. The Core purpose of E commerce Product photography is to showcasing your product in a way that helps your customers understand why it’s unique.

The technical photographs requirement by the Amazon and major e commerce website to list and rank your product is that Images should be at least 1000 pixels in either width or height they must come 85% of the frame and must in white background. So you need a professional product photographer the one who full fill all such requirements and give you high quality photographs of your products.

To make it easier to understand, We had listed 5 Types Of Ecommerce Product Photography

Product Photography – White Background

This the most common type of e-commerce product photography, In this the image contains only product and white background. Generally people try to take this images by themselves! and that is not the right thing to do. Product photography in white background is not an easy task, Hiring a professional photographer will always recommended as they have experience and high-end equipments to control lights, ISO and colour accuracy and other technical requirements.

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360 Degree Product Photography – (360 spine)

360-degree images are relatively new in the world of product photography. These are images that are shot from all sides that you’re able to physically spin with your mouse so you can see details of products at different angles. 360 photography is different comparing to normal e commerce product photography. the 360 spin of products requires series of photos and technical knowledge. 360 photographs can increase the engagement, view and ultimately boost your sales.

Contact MN Photography – best 360 degree photography in Udaipur, Ahmedabad, jodhpur, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Gujarat and all over India. 

360 degree photography in udaipur rajasthan
MN Photography
360 product photography in udaipur Rajasthan
MN Photography

Life-Style Product Photography

Another type of ecommerce product photographyLifestyle product photography is a kind of product photography that is aimed to show your product within a styled scene, with/without models, to demonstrate the main purpose of this product and how a potential customer can use it. Lifestyle Product Photos can sell more product and help in establishing brand identity.

At MN Photography we shoot clean, high-resolution photos of your products in the environment that your product will best fit in. All photos are edited, retouched, and delivered to you optimised for any online and e commerce platform.

product photographer in Udaipur
MN Photography

Product Grouping e commerce Photography

Product Grouping is another types of ecommerce product photography. Group product photographs are a way to demonstrate different options to the buyer. These can be a collection of different products that might include multiple variations on the products in the group or the same product that comes in variations.

Advertising photography in Rajasthan
MN Photography

Ghost Mannequin Product Photography

Ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin another types of ecommerce product photography. it is commonly used by brands, wholesalers and retailers to give their products a 3D, hollow man, invisible effect. this type of photography is only done to demonstrate the cloths. Invisible mannequin photography is particularly useful for things like blazers, jeans, jackets and shirts to help customers more easily imagine themselves wearing the garments. Ghost mannequin is part of fabric, cloth photography done by many big brands. it requires high level of post production for generating final image.

product photographer in udaipur
MN photography
product photographer in udaipur
MN photography

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