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How To Select Right Commercial Photographer : 4 Best Tips

Best Commercial Photographer in Udaipur MN Photography
Best Commercial Photographer in Udaipur MN Photography
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Choosing the best commercial photographer

Choosing the best commercial photographer for your brand’s image is a tough task. Visual content is one of the most valuable assets your brand has in today’s market. Over the past 10 years, the marketing and sales industry has truly been transformed by the advent of social media and the rise of the smartphone in every pocket.

As consumers, we are overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. Every day we scan huge volumes of information and it has become harder and harder to grab our attention. 90% of what is transmitted to the brain is visual. To stand out in this market you need commercial photography that speaks to your audience and creates an emotional connection.

Best Commercial Photographer in Udaipur MN Photography
©MN Photography

Below are a few tips to help you select the best commercial photographer for your brand, one that speaks to your audience and creates emotionally compelling content to drive conversions.

Identify your Needs

The first thing that should be evaluated is your needs. Are you using these images for your website? Are they for a new print campaign? Is your Instagram not engaging and you want to spice it up with captivating images? Look at the current images you are using for branding. After knowing these you can easily figure out what you want. 

Know about Your Audience

Every entrepreneur and business has a targeted audience they are trying to reach. It is vital to understand this audience. So ask yourself who am I trying to reach? Who is my average customer? What other things do they like? What is a day like for them? To me it is not just about marketing it is also a story of exquisite customer service. If you understand your client you can truly bring them an experience they can enjoy from the very first time they view your website and you can create an ecosystem for brand loyalty.

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Explore Your Companies’ Brand

Once you begin to understand the brand you can see which commercial photographers have a body of work that suits that mood.

So you need to undertake the task of actually finding that perfect photographer.

  • If you have a small business, try to use a local photographer. Sometimes small-town photographers will be able to accommodate the variety you may need.
  • Check with other businesses to see whom they would recommend.

Meeting With The Photographer

If you are ready then it’s time to set up a schedule to meet them in person — what should you look for, and what kinds of questions should you ask them?

  • Ask to see their printed / Online portfolio. 
  • Number of clients they had served.
  • Does the photographer’s work stand out to you? 
  • Make sure the photographer understands lighting. 
  • Is the photographer truly interested in you and want to achieve this photoshoot? 
  • Does the photographer have quality equipment? 
  • What photo-editing software do they have? 
  • How responsive has the photographer been?
  • How adaptable are they? 
  • What type of guarantee do they have? 
Best Commercial Photographer in Udaipur MN Photography
©MN Photography

Some Additional Advice while hiring  commercial photographer

If you have picked the photographer who will be shooting for you then these tips will surely help you.

  • If you are using models in your photoshoot, get copies of their releases from the photographer. This will avoid any additional work at a later time so you won’t need to look for the photographer or models.
  • Don’t pick a photographer just because they photographed that wedding you went to, and the bride and groom loved their photos. Commercial photography is immensely different from wedding photography.
  • When you are looking at doing a photoshoot that may be far away from you, you might need to give extra transportation charges to the commercial photographer for photoshoot. 
  • Is your photographer willing to collaborate with you? Are they willing to listen to your opinions about what you want the final product to look like or what lighting you want to use at a particular location?
  • Read over your contract with the photographer very carefully to make sure everything you want from the photographer is covered.
  •  The last thing you want to have happened is for the photographer to put the photographs on a stock site.

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