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Increase your sales by 20% – 30% during this lockdown.

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While the whole world is suffering through the pandemic of coronavirus, many businesses are also suffering due to this. In this lockdown situation many businesses had been shut down.

Increase your sales by selling online 

According to the current scenario, the transaction at the online eCommerce business will have a tremendous increase. And now is the time that every business owner small or big has to move/build their business presence online.

And When it comes to online selling, product photography and e-commerce photography play an important role in sales conversion.

product photography in udaipur
MN Photography

One of the most important shortcomings of online sales is the availability of the correct tools to showcase products properly. With simply the screen as the interface, online retailers rely totally on text and photographs to boost their sales and attract customers. while written work demands beyond regular time and a spotlight of the customers, photos are the fastest way to go. they’re easily noticeable and send a strong message whose effects are quickly registered in customers’ minds.

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Amazing eCommerce product photography will eventually lower customer service inquiry, and increase the sales, as they will be satisfied with what they see regarding their buy. Photographs can give consumers a strong visual.

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E-commerce consumers rely heavily on the product images. So, a lot depends on the way the item is being presented visually online and whether or not it is attractive enough to grab attention consumers for an appropriate amount of time to make them consider making a purchase.

Photographs are essentially the only way you can communicate with your audience/customer online. You need high-quality photos of your products to make your product stand out and for that you need to get the right angles, the right background color, higher resolutions and professional help. If you use HD photographs of your products in your website or e-commerce platform you can now except growth in your sales- increase your sales.

Investing in high-resolution product images will definitely leave a long-lasting impression on the buyer and will encourage them to purchase it. photographs are the first thing that a potential customer is going to see before they decide to add your product to their digital shopping cart.

According to e-commerce statistics, 67% of consumers consider image quality “very important” when making a purchase online. So you must invest in hiring a professional product photographer to take HD photos of your products in order to differentiate yourself and stand out to your consumers.

So, to increase your sales – it’s time to invest in the product photography of your products and list them on your website and another e-commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

increase your sales | E-commerce Product Photography
E-commerce Product Photography – MN Photography

Increase your sales through – 360 degree product photography 

360-degree images are relatively new in the world of product photography. These are images that are shot from all sides that you’re able to physically spin with your mouse so you can see details of products at different angles. 360 photography is different comparing to normal e commerce product photography. the 360 spin of products requires series of photos and technical knowledge. 360 photographs can increase the engagement, view and ultimately boost your sales.

360 product photography in udaipur Rajasthan
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360 degree photography in udaipur rajasthan
MN Photography

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