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Top Places for Pre Wedding Shoots in Udaipur

top places for pre-wedding shoot in udaipur

top places for pre-wedding shoot in udaipur

Pre wedding in Udaipur, When it involves to Top places for pre-wedding shoot in Udaipur, the lake City, every place features a picturesque and photogenic touch to enlighten the glory of affection and romance. Couples across India, foreign countries, and from Udaipur (Top places for pre-wedding shoot in Udaipur) moreover lookup for the various places to possess Pre-Wedding Shoots. Even many ideal photographers (Book your wedding today) suggest Udaipur because the first option to have the Pre-Wedding Shoots thanks to its regal presence and glamour architectures.

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Hotels / Palace / Resorts Destinations (top places for pre wedding shoot in Udaipur)

Udaipur is famous for the destination weddings, and a few of the hotels are within the top charts of destination wedding planners and also  photographers to possess pre-wedding / post-wedding shoots. Some hotels that serve the most effective occupancy, property, and heritage for the couples to capture their moments of affection.

 The Lalit Laxmi Vilas Palace 

With the captivating view of the valley, lake, and Udaipur skyline this location has all things that one can wish for. And, if you admire luxury thus far then, spending huge amount on your pre-wedding shoot isn’t an enormous deal. (Price may varies, Data collected from outer source)

Chunda Palace

Surmounted with the extravagant interiors and fail architecture exteriors, this hotel is choice of the many couples for the pre-wedding shoots. And, if you have a look at the costs of property for pre wedding photography purpose its 50k to 60k per day. (Price may varies, Data collected from outer source).

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Radisson Blu Palace Resorts & Spa

Supreme architecture, located near the lake, Radisson never fail to astound the guests thanks to its hospitality and surrounding. If you’re  searching  for Lakeside location, it can cost you around 50,000 INR including tax for per day shoot. (Price may varies, Data collected from outer source).

The Royal Retreat Resort & Spa

The Regal look in every detail of this resort, which is certainly a retreat for the couple visiting to tie the knot soon. One amongst the perfect location for a perfect  pre-wed photoshoot with the tentative charge of Rs.35, 000 per day to admire of each corner of it. (Price may varies, Data collected from outer source).

Hotel Fateh Garh

This Royal property is situated at Sisarma side of Udaipur. Fateh Garh palace serves with the exotic views and aura that don’t seen to be just beautiful but worth to click. the costs of the photoshoot per day charge for the property concerning pre-wedding shoot is 31,000 + Tax applicable. (Price may varies, Data collected from outer source).

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Natural Views (top places for pre-wedding shoot in Udaipur)

Love for Mother Nature, the Lakes of the city is one of the most memorising location of any pre wedding photoshoot.

Fateh Sagar / Rani (Queen’s) Road

One of the beautiful tourist spot & heart of the city and of course the best place to have the clicks either casually or for the exclusive shots. Fateh Sagar is the most popular & loved place for all the youngsters and carries the beauty of its locations namely Moti Magri, the Sagar Pal and Rani Road where couples can have there pre-wedding photoshoot in natural lake views.

Ghats of Udaipur

Astonishing and solitary, Ghats of Udaipur specifically Gangaur Ghat, Ambrai Ghat, Lal Ghat and other close by Ghats are one of the best places to have pre-wedding photography at udaipur mostly during Morning and Evening time. These Ghats are One of the best location in the Udaipur, almost every professional wedding photographer in Udaipur select this place for some of the most amazing photoshoot.

Jagdish Temple Streets

the Divine place, filled with the crowd of people  and surrounded by traditional stuff all over the ways. Jagdish Mandir streets intensify the fascinating view to have the pre-wedding photoshoot completely into the natural busy handicraft & local markets that are being considered as one of the photographic locations nowadays. this is Another favourite location for many photographers, for Best & amazing wedding and pre wedding photography in Udaipur 

Doodh Talai / Pichola Lake

Pichola lake & Pal, amazing Gardens, and Ropeway at the location of Dudh Talai makes it one of the finest & romantic place to have the photoshoots for the couples who are going to get married soon.

Lake Badi

Popularly called Badi Ki Paal, the lake here is copious to possess the picture-perfect views once it involves having pre wedding photography indulged within the delicacy of romance.

Bahubali Hills Udaipur

Bahubali hills, the location which is becoming much popular these days, this hill is located around 1km before badi lake pal towards the silence resort. to succeed in at the highest of hill, the one have to be compelled to climb around 10-15 minutes is required. Parking facility is accessible with the minimum charges of Rs ten.

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Near-by Udaipur (pre-wedding shoot in Udaipur)

Not only inside the Udaipur, but also near by places of the Udaipur are in the list for the best places for the pre wedding photography. 

In the outskirts of Udaipur also there are many photogenic places where people can choose to have their pre-wedding shoots with the beautiful views to define their love story in a unique way.

Kumbhalgarh (100 km from Udaipur)

One of the renowned places in the outer zones of Udaipur that has got a beautiful fort with splendid greenery and also the best of resorts to look around for royal rocking view. So, what more a couple can desire to have there best pre-wedding shoot.

Ranakpur (90 Km from Udaipur)

A village nearby Udaipur, Ranakpur Mandir id one the attraction point for the tourist, Hence many resorts and hotels are situated near the village surrounded by the nature, So Ranakpur has became one of the location choice nowadays for pre-wedding shoots because of its luxurious resorts and a symbolic natural arena that have scenic views to capture romantic moments of couples in the frame of memories.

Jaisamand Lake (60 km from Udaipur)

The second-largest artificial lake and of course, an Island resort which is a must-visit. So, for the couples, looking of the best cinematic memory for there pre wedding photoshoot near by Udaipur can choose this location.

Eklingji Nagda Village (40 km from Udaipur)

A getaway to divine place and to have the magnificent captures in the nearby areas like Sastra Bahu Temple, Lake Bagela and Nagda are some of the spots to form a natural romantic view in shots.

Chittorgarh (102 km from Udaipur)

Easily reachable by road, one of the fascinating places to explore in the municipality of Rajasthan that represents the family history of warrior caste pride, spirit, and Romance. That’s why couples can select it in one of the destinations for a pre-wed shoot.

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