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Black and white photography tips for beginners.

Black and white photographer in Udaipur, Black and white photography

There is always something magical about black and white photography. Ever thought of timeless beauty, the emotions attached, and the way it is captured? Pouring out the pure emotions attached with lighting contrast that comes to life with every click. To capture that uniqueness and to present your picture in an impeccable showcase just focus on how to do it in the right way.

Let’s start with the evolution of photography and colors back in the centuries.

As we all know back then, black and white photography was the only medium available in the era of photography. The first color photo was taken in 1861 and it was not until the 1960s that colors truly started dominating the world. And this continues till today. But the charm and charisma black and white color carries have its own uniqueness no wonder how other colors dominate the photography world. People anticipate black & white color as antiquated and it has no role in this modern era! But alas! Every emotion and description attached cant be rated and judged on the basis of what people really think.

Mesmerize by the magic of the strange landscape of black and white which color can never create!!

 black and white photography tips for beginners-

1- Let’s get some inspiration-

Vintage films and photos give serious inspiration. Contemporary photos help you get lost in the true feeling of an old era. Back then people were having a limited choice of colors and to get people hooked they have to take some serious fantastic shots. Finding vintage photos and movies is not a difficult task nowadays. Google is the answer to every question. Just hook to black & white media of the past, and the present & inspire yourself.

2- Look at your camera options and try to shoot it “RAW”!! 

If you are a professional photographer add RAW in your “GO TO FORMAT”  especially while shouting black and white photography. Tweak the photo in the best way you want through RAW, and change the color of the photo if black & white don’t work.

A small tip for beginners: your camera also has a black & white option so it’s the best option for you to find out how your picture will look.

3- check the contrast-

Emphasize contrast, it is inevitable, and most important a person should know how to play with black & white colors or mid-colors. Contrasting things and figure are mesmerizing in themselves for eg a bright sky and dark shades or terrain or fields gives amazing contrast. Never doubt your imagination. Just keep on experimenting with your wild themes and thoughts. You have unlimited options in black and white photography, take a few shots, and find the key element which interests you.

4- patterns-

Add pattern to your photography, a good photo with some typical pattern creates a glaze in the eyes of a viewer. Eye-catching that the viewer gets completely engrossed in looking at patterns and so on. As there is no color to distract patterns really helps in creative black and white photography.

Patterns can be rocks, trees, or any object which creates a distinctive look and add that spark to an overall picture. For eg, if you capture a mountain range with a sunset view and a panoramic vision the photographer gives an extreme output. Here the object mountain will be highlighted under the blurry sky and the setting sun will add its own charm.

5- filters do magic-  

Control the amount of light entering your camera through filters. Add more contrast with white and black hues and color in landscape photography. You can use it in partial as well as full filters in your camera. Try darkening the other side if you see one side brighter. Experimenting with filters, with and without effect will help you to decide which to use in the best way. Success tip for the photographer “ keep on experimenting with the wild and innovative side” without experimenting a photographer cannot succeed.

6- enhancement with technological advancement-  

Photoshop and Lightroom can help you enhance the beauty of black and white photography. There are specially designed tools for black and white photography and if we discuss there is one program for beginners like Effex Pro 2 through this plug-in to enhance your black and white photo. A ninja little tool for your post-production process which helps you in clicking black and white photographs like a PRO.

7- Visualising effects- beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder-

Express emotions and not just constrain yourself to color contrast. As emotions play a vital role so just by removing colors you won’t add wonder to your pic until and unless clicked with emotion by the photographer and object as well. Your picture should tell some story, and highlight emotions, and objects. As things already black and white do not necessarily depict the true magic of black and white pictures and what filter is used. It’s all about when and how it was clicked and with what emotions. In short, modify your visualization by the specific nature of the equipment and materials used.

Reasons why black and white photography needs special attention-

1- experimentation- “try and try until you get success”-

Experiment with emotions, ideas, contrast, and filters.  To reach your desired output you can also use tools in post-production.

2- B&W photography requires more equipment-

To get a good shot, you need extra equipment and experimentation with black and white photography. If you are a beginner check for the best DSLR cameras for photography.

3- No color distraction in B&W photography-

There is no distraction in black and white. Magical black and white photography help you to feel and analyze the true patterns and contrast that distracting colors won’t let you see.


Have you ever tried your hands-on visually artistic and satisfying techniques? Try to think and look beyond your imagination. Experiment with the exquisite beauty of black, white, and grey and try to develop an object with impeccable beauty and a story with emotions.

There are various photography genres that create visuals that span the creative side of the photographer. Nude photography, black and white street photography, etc are some genres that create blissful impacts.

So for more techniques and impact, or want to get clicked with this exquisite technique leave your queries in the comment section below.

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